Roaring Twenities

The 20s are such a beautiful century. I love nearly everything about it: the fashion, the art, the literatur etc verythings looked so elegant and chic. Well of course where a lot a problems like organized crime and so on , but I will concentrate on the beautiful things...
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This season there were a lot of pretty 20s inspired collection and to me the most beautiful was Ralph Lauren Collection. That's exactly how I imagined The Great Gatsby character, Daisy Buchanans, clothes would look like. Very fair colors and very summery fabrics and patterns.



There she is: Miss Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan. I have to say I think she a little annoying and I like Jordan better. But she's definatly the greater Icon.

I don't know from which brand this is, but I think it's totally gorgeous.

And last but not least my fav building The Chrysler Building. Techinally more 30s than 20s but it has the typical Art Deco Style, so to me this belongs to this gallery.
 P.S.: "Manhattan" the song I postet is originally from the 20s...

xo Julia

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